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  This is a new group for young people aged 13 - 18, especially those with additional needs, but anybody welcome. It is based on a popular group we run for schools but, as home educators ourselves, we now want to make sure everyone can have the opportunity to share life in the countryside. 

The session involves taking part in work activities around the farm. These activities include conservation work, looking after the animals, helping with the vegetable garden, wildlife surveys. Some activities will be the same each week for those that like routine, others will be seasonal or one off jobs.

Everyone is welcome to the group, and jobs will be provided for all abilities. Ideal for young people with additional needs, or lacking confidence. (Not suitable for young people who run off - we cannot keep them safe on our open farm location).

Cost per young person is £25 for 2.5 hour session. Young people must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who is happy to work alongside. There will be opportunities for working in small groups, or on your own if preferred. Taster sessions available, then commitment for one term is required.

Please get in touch if you would like more information info@horseshelpingpeople.co.uk