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Please note our landline is currently only available for non urgent messages.

You can still contact us by email info@horseshelpingpeople.co.uk

or text/call Debbie 0n 078155 47668


Re-opening Update

Horses Helping People is now partly re-opened following Covid.  We are running some activity sesions, available fo volunteers and some of our clients.

Please contact us if you would like further information.

We will not be taking on any new Therapeutic Horsemanship clients until 2022.

We are running a limited number of professional training courses via Zoom.

Meanwhile we are developing some mindfulness courses with our Lottery funded Reaching Communities Grant.

Closure - corona

 Horses Helping People is currently closed until further notice to ensure the safety of visitors, volunteers and staff.

Until we reopen you can enjoy lots of online content - visit our Facebook pages for daily posts and updates - Horses Helping People CIC and Mindfulness at Horses Helping People

Meanwhile, the horses are enjoying a little holiday in the sun.

Christmas Closure

Horses Helping People will be closed from Dec 21st - Jan 2nd for Christmas hibernation. See you in the New Year!

Peoples Projects Finalist - We need your votes to win £50,000!

We're so excited to be in the final 5 in the Anglia West region of the Peoples Projects! We need as many votes as possible to win £50,000 to fund a fantastic wellbeing project for the next 12 months, helping more people to meet our lovely horses. Voting opens on Monday April 1st at 9am and closes on April 15th at midday.

Please got to the Peoples Projects website to register your vote, and spread the word to family, friends and colleagues. There's also a short film about Horses Helping People which will be shown on ITV regional news (Anglia West) on April 3rd, or available to view on the website from April 1st.  www.thepeoplesprojects.org.uk/projects/view/the-horsepower-of-love

Follow us on Facebook to find out 50 reasons for us to get £50,000. Don't forget to share the posts, and encourage everyone to vote!


Return to Work courses

Running from now to February 2019.

10 sessions of confidence building work experience on the farm. Ideal for anyone over 18 who has been out of work and wants to take the first steps back to the workplace. This course is funded by the European Social Fund, so free to attend. Contact us now to find out more...

2017 Mindfulness dates

Dates now set for Mindfulness workshops!

Visit our Mindfulness page to view



Dementia sessions

Free sessions on Tuesday mornings for people living with dementia and their partner or support worker. Come and enjoy a morning in the countryside and enjoy the company of our friendly horses. Email us for more details.

Wag Ns Last Work 1990-2016

It is with great sadness that we let you know that we had to say goodbye to Wag on April 18th.

Having battled through a serious eye injury with her usual strength of character, she then suffered kidney failure and the end was very quick. She was 26 years old.

Wag was one of the founding horses of Horses Helping People. She had lived with Debbie since 1996, having travelled over from her native California as a two year old - manyof you will remember the distinctive brand she had on her shoulder from the E Bar ranch.

Her first job was as a Western riding teacher, and she was beautifully sensitive to ride. She had the incredible speed of a Quarter Horse - you could sometimes see her galloping round the field apparently at top speed, then she would effortlessly go up a few gears to go even faster!

As a therapeutic horse she was very communicative, especially enjoying showing people where she wanted to be groomed or scratched. She was a very confident horse who was happy working with a variety of clients, both children and adults. She was not perturbed by erratic behaviour, but this doesn't mean she was desensitised - she was very aware and responsive to more sensitive people. She also had a role as aerobics instructor, where she would demonstrate moves for a group of special needs children to follow!

Her last session with a client was two days before she died. Wag had noticed that her human friend was learning to do massages, and fixed her with a hard stare, demanding to be chosen! So Wag got her massage, curling her head and neck round her new friend in a horse hug to say thankyou.

She was a fine example of how a leader doesn't have to be obviously dominant. She was always head of the herd, but often people didn't pick her out as the leader because she had a quiet authority that meant she didn't feel the need to keep proving it. However, if any herd member stepped over her boundaries, she was quick and clear in her reminder!

The only area in which she had no boundaries was with her daughter, Goldie, who got away with all kinds of behaviour! Late motherhood came as something of a surprise to Wag. Horses usually like to give birth in private but, when Goldie was due, Wag telepathically woke Debbie at midnight and waited until Debbie and Dave arrived at her stable, then lay down and delivered Goldie at their feet. Goldie is now 8, and still part of the Horses Heping People herd.

We lose a valued member of our team, a friend, and also a big part of our family for 20 years. Hope she is reunited with Buddy in the big meadow in the sky.

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