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Our supporters

Horses Helping People is a Comunity Interest Company (CIC).  We would not be able to continue our highly valued work without the help of donations, grants and sponsorship as well as our sessional charges.

The support of funders makes a huge difference, so here’s a big thank you to all our supporters, who include:-

  • The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund - 2020-present


  • The Rothschild Foundation - 2020-present


  • The National Lottery Peoples Project fund - 2019-2021


  • Aylesbury Vale Community Chest -  2011/14 -  we were awarded 3 year's revenue funding  of £20,000 per year from the Community Chest, a community grants scheme run jointly by AVDC and the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust.
  • Grassroots – 2009/11 - The Office of the Third Sector (administrated by the Bucks Foundation) provided £5000 welfare costs for the horses 

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  • European Social Fund - 2010 - paid for 20 people to attend a 12 session ‘return to work’ course.
  • TK Maxx – 2010 - a staff nomination led to £1000 donation in December .
  • Game Club  - 2010 -  £500 donation in summer paid for client sponsorship.
  • Two Times Tack – 2010 -  sponsored a group of young carers.
  • Sheena and Paul Parfitt - 2010 - In May , the lovely Amee came to live with us on long term loan when his owners, Sheena and Paul, emigrated to Australia. Amee came with an extensive wardrobe, and Sheena and Paul were kind enough to also donate £1000 to support our work. Sheena and Paul continue to keep in touch, and follow Amee's progress as a therapeutic horse.



  • The Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation's London Luton Airport Community Fund - 2010 - supported us in November with £500 to help with winter hay costs.


  • B&Q -2009- £250 in Summer paid for gardening equipment and plants.
  • Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP - 2009 -  £625 from Christmas card sales in December  helped with winter running costs.
  • Waitrose -  2009 - £314 from the Leighton Buzzard branch Community scheme helped with running costs.
  • Bucks Challenge Fund - 2009 - £2000 paid for website update, an exhibition stand at Your Horse Live and a laptop computer.
  • The Buckinghamshire Foundation –  2008/9 - grants totalling £1450 paid for promotional material, exhibition display equipment and stable equipment

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  • Aylesbury Vale Community Chest –  2008, grants totalling £18000 paid for safety helmets and boots, a saddle, a round pen, Bilbo the horse, client sponsorship and running costs.