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Click on the link to listen to the meditation:

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/static/cms-uploads/2. Breath and body.m4a

/static/cms-uploads/3. Sounds and thoughts.m4a

/static/cms-uploads/4. Turning towards difficulty.m4a

/static/cms-uploads/5. Befriending.m4a

/static/cms-uploads/6. The breathing space.m4a


Click to download the PDF file (you may need to right-click and 'save as'):

/static/cms-uploads/Horses and Mindfulness Resource Materials revised August 21.pdf



Week 1 

  • Do the Body Scan meditaion once a day
  • Do the five finger gratitude practice once a day
  • Choose an every day task to do mindfully - ie making a cup of tea or cleaning your teeth
  • Spend a few minutes every day in nature

Week 2

  • Do some mindful movement every day. It can be the stretches we did during the session, or any other form of movement
  • Do the Breath & Body & Sounds and Thoughts meditations. Either do both every day, or on alternate days
  • Do the Breathing Space 3 times a day

Week 3

  • Do Turning Towards Difficulties and the Befriending meditations every day. If you do them on alternate days, also do Breath and Body
  • Use the Breathing Space when encountering difficulty